Monday, May 20, 2013

paper doll FABRIC Quiet book Tutorial

O K...... here's the deal I have been working on ,pondering, punishing myself , just really not knowing where to go with this project I have bought fabric 2 yrs ago for a Dear little quiet book for my niece. I didn't get it done . It was suppose to be for Christmas 2012 (1) because I just wanted it to be cute functional and really special (2) didn't have an extra 40.00 to buy the kit from Keepsake quilting I saw after I had spent close to that in fabric.(3) some health issues and just .I couldnt get into it because of 1 & 2.Finally I thought hmm how about Pinterest......  Geesh should have gone there I guess my brain hasn't been working. I found a cute tutorial on this blog                                                                               
 I now feel confident to finish this project. Here I have promised my niece  for Christmas ,its almost summer I have  fabric dolls stuffed thinking it  would be cuter to hold a doll instead of just a flat page so anyway might combine the 2 and let her have both to play with.Would be great in church that was my idea for her to take with her.
 This page has 4 parts you'll have to go to older post or newer posts to finish this  There are 9 parts altogether . This is so cute !!! I  am  not planning on doing all these steps but several are darling so if you are looking for a quiet book  tutorial then go here and check it out.Here is what I have done and will update you as I go .I have that cute little fabric doll fabric and also the soft pink book fabric Guess I'm a pink and soft floral gal a lot  well look at my sewing room........ PINK PINK PINK (he he he). .... Ok Krystyn, here goes  nothing got my grove up to get your little book done

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