Monday, May 20, 2013

Lotto & six sisters site

Well I guess from the news around here a 26 yr old man has won the Lotto from publix in Zephur Hills, Florida .He worked at the store. Anyway it is a big life change for sure.
 I'd like to help my family all pay off  there houses or buy one.Give them some money to be well off in their lives. I'd  put money in trusts for the grand kids and our children. I'd like to help any friends who were in a hard way.I'd also build our area new animal no kill shelters In Elkhart, Indiana and Warsaw where our home is. I'd donate to the kids with Cancer IMUS ranch in Arizona .It's a great ranch for kids with sickle cell anemia and Cancer.etc. I know a few no kill animal shelters around the nation I'd help. I'm sure I could help some others kids for college etc. .Id sure have some fun helping people and animals. .Id like to travel also. so it would make me feel wonderful to help others.I have always liked to do that and having money would make it so nice to do that.I'd buy a few sewing machines I'd like to have and a new car. I'd have a few nips and tucks also lol.
 What would you do if you won the lotto leave a message. OK?????   I'd love to hear your comments.Thanks.
 Here is a cute site .I have been looking at Pinterest.It's so neat to see what others do with there houses, talents etc. This is cute....... 6 sisters site. Amazing 6 sisters getting along huh? Anyway check it out. I looked at the enchiladas sounded good to me but is a cute site.

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