Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Singer Red Eye 66 & George Jones Funeral & Easy street blocks

 Here is my new purchase from here in Ft. Myers Fl. I got this one Saturday night at an auction. No one else was interested .He had 75.00 on the machine. I started at 25.00 he said lets split the difference. So I paid 35.00 I thought well the paint was good ,wheel turned, not a bad price. She needs a case and a foot pedal.... but I don't know if I will go any farther or not with her. I brought her home and cleaned the chrome and greased, oiled and waxed her.She cleaned up nicely!!!!!! I guess I'm starting to be a collector of machines or a hoarder .:) anyway is fun and when I can get them at a cheap price isn't a bad deal.

Here is my new machine a red eye model 66
auction find 35.00
Well tomorrow is George Jones funeral. I wanted to watch it unfortunately we do not have  Direct TV or Dish network. So unless we go to a bar I guess we wont see it.We have been to the Grand Ole Opry. CNN had Whitney Houston's funeral so I guess to me George's funeral is every bit as important as hers. Just my opinion.
 I have finished my Easy street blocks and laid them out on the bed .My husband Gene loved it .I'm glad.I don't plan on using it as an everyday bed quilt but will put it on the bed sometimes.I just loved the colors so that was what drew me to make it. Now I'm getting ready to put it together. It is set on point and has bias edges. So my big decision is now do I stay stitch the edges or do a stabilizer to keep it from stretching to much and make it wobbly. Hmm so do any of you have any suggestions? LEAVE ME A COMMENT  PLEASE!!!! THANKS.......... I will call my friend who will be quilting it Sherryl Tobias in Indiana.. She can tell me what she wants as far as making it easy for her to quilt.She was a fellow co-worker of mine .We met working together as Cosmetologists. We both enjoyed sewing and I was just getting into quilts then in the early 90's. So we both do not do hair any more but we belong to the same quilt guild in Goshen , In. She does Long arm quilting.I love the quilt I made for my husband with the Flamingo  Palm tree theme she quilted. Sherryl quilted my quilt beautifully  .... I was very pleased for sure. :) here are the pics I took of the quilt when I laid it out on the bed.
easy street

full view

12 set -in sides triangles and 4 corners
sewing roll -up

sewing roll -up .....scissor needle pockets & thread holders plus pattern

Shells I collected on my birthday at Lovers Key park

Here is a glass flower I made I brought it in from the planter to glue the butterfly on it.  

I got this cute mirror from a girlfriend for my birthday.... isn't it precious !!!! I am gluing some shells on it I have a collection to choose from ....:) Yes that's  part of me in the mirror ....

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Bonnie said...

Your Easy Street is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all together. :)