Friday, May 31, 2013

The Sharks Band in Elkhart In

This is my sister Denise Mc Creary with her band that she used to play with in the 80's. I just ran across her video on You Tube so decided to post it here .Technology is amazing isn't it.!!!!!! We lived in Elkhart, Indiana then .Denise now plays in Tuscon Az. and sings Professionally on the weekends with a band  named  The Coolers. She plays sax and sings. This is a reunion and they are having fun. The Sharks back in Indiana for a reunion. You'll have to stop  the music player on play list you can hear her if you like rhythm  n blues.She wears a lure in her ear to be alluring lol  . I love you Denise you have so much talent  who would have known as a little kid growing up.......

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Dorothy Griffiths said...

Debbie I wanted to say a huge thank you for leaving a comment tonight, it means such a lot to me. You have a wonderful blog and I shall be visiting regularly. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and God Bless you for your kind remarks.
Lots of love