Saturday, June 8, 2013

Great Tip for Strip Piecing!!!!!!

Hi here is an neat tip for strip piecing from My Friend Bonnie Hunter. I say my friend because I met her, had a day class with her and also follow her closer than any other Quilter . She is just a COOL LADY !!!!! I love her ideas, her personality. She is just a down to earth gal and I guess that's why I like her along with her amazing talent. You feel immediately comfortable and not at all intimidated by her presence. She is so much fun also .She also has a webcam on usually  Monday-Tuesday nights while she quilts or sews check her site to see what time usually 8-9 .you love her as much as I do. she has a way to organize fabric and it was my first introduction to her.

  I saw a 7 shirt quilt on her blog or introduced to it from her I'm not sure at this point any more It is Nancy Rose's pattern . I now collect Mens' shirts for fabric. It's so much cheaper and sometimes some cool fabric.I always use 100% cotton.Nancy Rose  has a "7 shirt quilt "our Guild Maple Leaf Quilters in Goshen ,In. made on a Saturday about 3 yrs ago. here is her blog for the pattern you'll love it I need to say this because I made a mistake and the author of the pattern is NOT Bonnie Hunter. I do believe she uses the idea but Nancy Rose is the one who implemented this idea.  Thanks Nancy for the correction......It's so cool. It's a really cheap way to make a quilt for a guy, a veteran,or anyone for a quick project.

I am working on my Fabric Quiet book its coming to a finish, I finally have the little things to complete the cute little touches.I will post them probably tomorrow when I get some more done.

7 shirt quilt

leave the labels on they add some personality !!!.

 The light color is yellow.Its bright and would make a nice quilt for the vets coming home!!!!!


Nancy-Rose said...

Actually, the seven shirt quilt is mine...but that's okay! I am a HUGE Bonnie Hunter fan! I try to catch Quilt Cam as often as possible.

Debbie Kelly said...

thanks Nancy

Nancy-Rose said...

Love the bright red centres of the nine-patches!