Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sonya's snippets

This is s cute site.She has a link page for tutorials for quilting you might be interested in so here it is and check out her Blog site

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon to see how I'm doing since my tummy surgery for the hernia. It feels pretty good.Still a little sore in the breast bone site not very much but still a little tender.And still have bruises from the lapriscopic procedure but a lot better than being cut glad I'm on the mend and will feel more and more like sewing and doing a few things now. I'm trying to finish up my Bom from Marti Mitchell 2012. It is  in greens and pinks and yellow and plaid very pretty .!!!I have 3  blocks out of 12 to go so should be able to finish it maybe this weekend and have another project out of the way.

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Chris H said...

Fingers crossed you got a good report from the doctor Chick.