Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect strip piecing from Bonnie & Quiet book finished

Here is a way to have perfect strip piecing from Bonnie  

Here is link to make an accurate 1/4 in. perfect seam 

 Well I have finally finished my quiet book for my niece. It has been a long work in progress.I didn't have a pattern so looked up some quiet books on the Internet and copied the patterns so these aren't my ideas. It hasn't been easy. I guess I can be more creative when I have a pattern in front of me.
Front of book
I have ripped and restitched so many times and so it isn't perfect a far as page sizes but it is done and I'm happy. She is 5 so I don't think she will care. It is paper dolls from fabric and some other things to keep her busy. The doll clothes have batting to 'hold' the dresses on. I will make 2 more for my 2 grand daughters but not yet they are younger and I think should be older to keep all the pieces together.  I'm sure they will be easier the 2nd time around .Too many toys and things to lose all the little doll dresses and hats,etc for 2 & 3 yrs old to handle I here are the pictures.
Stick on the dollies dresses
Armoire for Dresses, the doors close and Velcros shut

add a  different clip to her braid
purse of clips for the braid
Dress the dolls and tie the shoe
I used hair clips to pin the dresses to the line . There is a laundry pouch for the clean clothes

Armoire with doors closed

crayons and dress the dollies the page flips over and Velcros so the 2 books won't fall out
learn to color and  flash cards to learn  words


Chris H said...

Wow that wee book is amazing! I can see why it took you a while. Well done!

Allison in Plano said...

You are sew clever Debbie! Thanks for sharing!!