Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hexie take along pouch Tutorial cute

Hi Hexie lovers here is a cute little tote for a small take along pouch to  keep your Hexies and take with you.I think its a great 3 step process. so here is the link

 I am finishing up my Marti Mitchell Bom  I am on block  No. 12 now is cut and all ready to sew. I accidentil ly spilled my drink of drops you add to your water on my fabric and of course it is white fabric so had to soak and  it was all clean this morning Thanks good ness I was really wondering about that one is this coming clean or is it going to stain forever.Well I used shout and Gain liquid I wash with ad all gone. So want to get this last block and get the Sashings done . Im not sure what fabric to use I have several to choose froom so will show you all thatwhen I get that picked ot an ready to sew.  
. I have my" Easy Street "from Bonnie Hunter to sew together  I have all the blocks done and have to lay them out on the bed now and number them so they can be constructed into a Quilt .I will take it home to Indiana and have my Girlfriend Sherryl Tobias quilt it for me in Nappanee ,In .
 I want to start on My Love entwined quilt by Esther Aliu. I am not sure of the colors yet I want to use and now she has found the actual quilt instead of just the Black and white photo  she had to work from .Will be a stunning achievement for sure. I am anxious to see the real quilt in color.maybe then I can be more comfortable picking what I want to use for my choice of fabrics. I  don't want to get part way done and not be happy with what choice I have made. So ........we shall see soon when she reveals the quilt in a few days Yippee!!!!!


Chris H said...

You have heaps of quilts on the go!
Where do you find the time?

Debbie Kelly said...

Hmm well I work on them at my leisure and when I get tired of something I go back to another project.I am retired so my day is pretty much what I want to do . I have been on a binge of collecting old sewing machines but at $20-35.00 isn't to hard and nice ones also.Just got a singer coffin top #99 today at a garage sale for 25.00 nice machine.!!!! got a Standard treadle for 20.00 last Sunday nice machine so is so much fun rescuing these babies I love it!!!!!

Marie said...

What a great little travel kit - and I love hexies. This one has to go on my TO DO list. Thanks for the link.