Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pain Free from OFC and Esther Aliu's BOM

Hi I am so happy I had a nerve block yesterday and for the first time in years my back is completely pain free.My Fibro hurts a little but thanks to my wonderful, kind, Pain management DR.Gross from Orthopedic center of Florida in Ft Myers. He is just the greatest!!!. Love you Dr Gross. He did a nerve block on the left side in Nov and now the right side yesterday.I had pain down my leg and pain in My bottom cheek like the size of a grapefruit.and lower back pain well it keeps you from sitting long and enjoying your life sewing reading etc. so is so nice to feel wonderful If you need a great doctor check him out . I'm 64 and it is the first I have found a Doctor like you dream about he is so kind and listens to what you have to say . so kudos, kisses, hugs to you Dr. Gross and he is spot on when he hits the right places and gets the pain removed.It lasts 6 mo. to ? I didn't take a pain pill like I usually do when I first get out of bed....Amazing !!!!

 O.K. now to Esther Aliu group  on Yahoo groups if you haven't signed up for her Marriage Coverlet series FREE you are missing s great opportunity. .I have not started because I wasn't sure what colors I wanted to use but pretty much have an idea what I'm going with now.I'm going with lighter colors I believe pastels and some brights mixed in with flowered pieces so go there and sign up its a 1780 quilt being reproduced in 18 months  as a FREE BOM. Id like to post a picture but I don't

Lynette Andersons BOM called Chateau Hexies CUTE!!!!
My new  Singer 401A no.... not the little on the Beige one :)
 think I should you need to go to her blog and check out back posts to see the lovely quilt and what others are doing with their interpretation of the Quilt.
 Here is my Hexie patterns  from Lynette Anderson.j the background is 1/2 in hexies so will be a little work indeed hand stitching.

 Here is my new toy 401A .I have cleaned greased and oiled her she runs very nicely. is fun seeing this old beauty do embroidery stitches and zig zags amazing you know!!!!

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