Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilts and new bedroom makeover

Gene painted the furniture and put up a shelf mounted the Tv and mirrors
    We have been blessed here in Florida. Love our little mobile double wide ,fixed up and bigger than our lake home in Indiana We redecorated our bedroom painted ,new carpet , new bed and curtains!!!! Love it Love It !!!!! Our bedroom is a beautiful and HUGE room and It has a
  very serene feeling when you walk in the room now......
New curtains, curtain rods , love the addition of these ribbon streamers with beads and glass baubles so pretty in the sun streaming in just so feminine

I have downloaded step 3 for the Celtic Solstice from Bonnie Hunter have a few of step 1 & 2 cut out but need to finish this Christmas projects first then I can relax and do what I want.
 SO........on to sewing for the day here.

The quilt panel for car quilt for 3 yr old Ayden
The back for car for grandson quilt panel

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Chris H said...

Wow your bedroom is gorgeous!