Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great info and tips knowledge for Beginner Quilters and oldsters :) Peace River Florida pictures

Hi all from Sunny n sticky Florida......
 I found some great sites to go visit for knowledge on products tested and how to begin Quilting. I found it very helpful for buying notions and what to use where and when. I have been quilting now for 25 yrs and found some tips and product knowledge i haven't known so bookmark these places and use for reference in the future. ...... so go see Carons site from Michigan quilts for great information... 

 This site is Barbara Burnhams site for patterns and see some beautiful examples of Baltimore Album Quilts .She uses pens to add interest and detail to flowers and anything you would want some added dimension to your Quilt block. She also has great examples of  Broderie Perse blocks. This is taking a piece of fabric and fussy cutting and using it instead of making your own just applique ..Barbra has a booklet to  purchase about making stems  in different techniques to make it easier to applique stems for your flowers etc.I purchased the booklet and is a nice example of making stems in many different ways till you find the best way for you to make stems .I believe she has 8-10 ways for you to try...for a small  amount like $8.50....she also has a Baltimore Album book u can purchase at her

 Here are some pictures I took of being on an Airboat on the Peace River in Florida. It is such a quiet and peaceful place to visit and the scenery changes with each turn of the river, I saw big Alligators, beautiful birds,and many interesting and beautiful scenes of nature.I got to experience here in Florida...It is truly named correctly for the feeling you have when you are there.It's near Punta Gorda in case you want to go there you can hire a man to take you around to see the sites. If you paint you can get some beautiful pictures to have for reference : ) Enjoy!!!! It is just amazing place to visit.

gator sunbathing on shore I zoomed in we were not this close!!!

just a turn in the river

some left over remnants of a bridge or railroad  I believe

Red Spoonbill crane I think that's the name beautiful bird

a boat left from  hurricane Charlie !!! Punta Gorda was hit hard


This is a log with the end was cut to resemble a bear  I was told maybe its natural b ut interesting non the less Look close :)

Another view of the flowers

nice beach area

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