Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My "Easy Street" back from Quilters & Sewing carry along Tote very cute!!" Blue Pointe Restaurant in Ft.Myers,Fl Great!!!

Hi  havent posted much was sick with chest cold and then got a pulled muscle in my back so have been laid up for the better part of a month here. Had my 65th Birthday in here April 23,1949. Any April Taurus babies out there?????
  This is my Birthday picture with my husband  Gene at "Blue Pointe Restaurant at Bell Tower Shops" in Ft. Myers. The restaurant is great and if you go on your Birthday a portion of your meal is free (my dinner was free of course you have to show your ID lol !!! ) The Restaurant is newly remodeled and  has Great fresh, salads oysters on the half shell ....The Grouper Berry salad is to die for!!!!! you can eat outside or inside.They make your salad on the spot not pre -made.I loved it.!!!! Got to go there is wonderful!!!
 Here are my pics of my easy street from Bonnie hunter's 2012 Mystery Quilt....... I used her colors she chose and was very pleased with the out come. I took pictures with the borders on and quilted. I have to bind it now . I was very pleased with the Quilting had it Quilted with a large Stipple....Since it is very scrappy I just wanted to show off the colors etc.and not so much detail in the Quilting..

The first border is a nice stripe to break it up from the quilt.It is royal blue and turquoise as you can see not bound yet .
This shows the 2 different blocks there were 15 of one and 9 of the other
My Shih Tzu" Coochie Coo" wanted to show you my quilt before the borders.......
Nicely quilted but not heavily done 

  I am now cutting pieces for Bonnies Celtic Solstice. I have found some great shirts at the Thrift shops . I bought 15 shirts for $15.00 before Christmas and some were $60.00 shirts Columbia ,Izod etc.  You get 1 to 1 and 1/2 yards of fabric of Bali fabric and for 1.00 .I buy 100% cotton usually but have gotten some with 5% other. Now how can you beat  that deal huh?I love deals like that don't you?

 I made this sewing tote and I might have posted pics of it here but wanted to post the site for the tutorial and my take on it so here is the site very cute indeed and she did a wonderful job of explaining how to very detailed!!! It folds up nicely and you can reconfigure to make it your own like I did on a few changes. lays open on your lap in the car and folds up great to carry along in your purse etc.
The outside I made with the 2 and 1/2 in.of pre-cuts of the Moda "Glamping" squares
The inside I made and put 2 thread fobs instead of 1. I also made 2 pockets at the the end and piggybacked them for more storage right (where the corner of the page is and has a acrylic template sticking out.)


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in the swing of things. Happy belated birthday! Your Easy Street looks terrific! I keep looking at every kind of thrift shop in Knoxville and never find good shirt prices, though I often find shirts I would buy if they were $1. Or even $2!

Chris H said...

You no way in hell look 65! You are a gorgeous looking 65.
Lovely quilt and that eatery sounds really YUM.

Debbie Kelly said...

Thanks so much Chris for the compliment....I appreciate all I get.....guess I have good genes, Im not a sun worshiper that helps