Thursday, August 14, 2014

Im back :)

Sorry haven't posted for a while.Trying to get caught up on sewing a Quilt I have had in progress for a very long time.Very small pieces and just need to complete some projects before starting any others. Its called Strawberry Patch ....It was my first project and I was over my head thus was put aside several times till my ability caught up with my time .I just have too many unfinished projects and need to finish before starting any others. It was a strange size and I made it  25 % larger. It was 3 - 12 in blocks wide by 6 blocks long so I made it 4 blocks wide by 6 long.It's 63 x 99 to begin with but will be 75 x  99  now finished.....I love pink and green combinations . One of my favorites .This pattern came from Georgia Bonesteels' Spinning Spools Monthly  projects club. There were 3 Binders of Quilt projects in this series. I collected them all.It was a nice club at that time to belong to... Lots and lots of pieces in this particular Quilt. It reminds me of  Dear Jane actually. I'll post some pics here so you can see before and finished..... There are 3 borders and Prairie Points  for the ending...I have the main  body completed and 1/2 of the Picket fence completed. It's not easy to do this part but I will persevere to finish...... sew onward here.......

First border.........Picket fence
 12 in....block (4 - 6 in blocks )with first border picket fence


Chris H said...

It's a lovely looking block and borders... can't wait to see it finished Chick.

Judy Clayton said...

What a pretty quilt it will be. :)