Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quilts for Christmas :)

Hi well Im getting started early for me to make some Quilts for Christmas. I have one I'm making for my Adopted Father. He took me in after high school. I hated living at home and my best friend was a only child they worked nights and thought it would be great that I would be there with her. Shorty and Red what can I say I was treated equally by them same rules as her. At least I didn't have to pave the way for 4 other kids. So they were always fair and I always respected them and they  did the same with me.I never forgot there generosity. Shorty is gone ....Red is 94 and still going strong he bowls, golfs and rides his motorcycle. My Mother would crap when he would pick me up and take me to work sometimes lol. So I'm making him a quilt to keep him warm while watching his Football games and Nascar....I'm making "Hidden in the Stars" by Sarah Soward in the Quilt book called "Jelly Roll Inspirations" by Pam and  Nicky Lintott ..... Just want to give them credit.... Now I'll show you what I'm doing...
Red Black N white quilt see the flame fabric and the race car fabric ???

this is the pattern I used but I didn't put 2 blacks together or 2 reds i did black white red

This is the original Quilt     

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sandi s said...

I love the quilt and the story of your adopted father. The doll quilt is cute! Hugs,