Friday, April 13, 2018

my new Bernina 770 QE

 well it's been quite some time since I well it's been quite some time since I did any posting so I'm going to try to do this speaking I bought a new Bernina last fall 770qe I had some little glitches in it from the beginning but I think we've got them straightened out now hopefully I will be able to enjoy it and have many years of fun sewing on it I've got to start using the BSR and getting familiar with it I'm going to take some classes up in Port Charlotte Florida I had my warranty transferred from Shipshewana where I bought it at the Cotton shop and I knew I wasn't going to get back there to take lessons so they said they transfer the warranty and pay for it for me which was awesome of them to do I have been looking forward to learning how to quilt free handed on a sewing machine and I had my baby lock esante for 20 years loved loved loved that machine but I could never called on it and when I talk to Janette from Wakarusa about it she says well I guess that was the one they had issues with for free hand motion quilting so I don't know but now it needs a motherboard it's only sewing straight Stitch so I decided to invest in my Bernina and the cotton shop had an awesome deal on them last summer at the quilt Festival so I decided to purchase one and I looked at different ones and I wanted though one with the ability to add the embroidery unit to it so I'm looking at buying that now and taking some classes to learn how to use it better I'm presently thinking about making some jammies out of flannel for summer pajamas for my two granddaughters up in Michigan and hopefully I'll be able to take them up to them this summer I found some Paisley knit sheets that looked like they weren't even used at Goodwill yesterday and I thought all these it was pink and they look like they would make awesome jammies and I thought I should have enough I can make a pair for all three of us

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