Friday, April 13, 2018

surgery on my hand and thumb

 a week ago a week ago Monday I had surgery on my hand and thumb they fix the carpal tunnel and then they took a piece of tendon out of my arm and took the joint out of my thumb and rewrapped it and made a new thumb joint for me it's amazing what surgeons can do now to better your life I was so happy to have it done my carpal tunnel had bothered me for over 20 years and it got to the point where my hand would be asleep putting on my makeup or doing my hair and I just couldn't stand it anymore so I finally got up the courage to have the right hand done and didn't even know that my thumb was in that bad of shape and I had an amazing doctor at the orthopedic surgeons of Florida in Fort Myers dr. Sandra Collins very accomplished surgeon in my estimation anyway and I was only in significant pain for about 5 days and then after that I've just been on my usual pain meds so yesterday I went and had the stitches taken out and they made a plastic cast molded it out of it look like pegboard and they draw a pattern like a little quilt pattern of your hand and then cut out this piece and put it into a heater and then they mold it on your arm so now I have to wear that for 5 more weeks and in 10 more days I get to start some physical therapy on it but I'm not in any pain and looks like it's healing well and no infection so that's wonderful can't wait to get back to sewing and painting and the things that I enjoy I'm getting to be pretty good at being a lefty here cuz I can't do anything besides move my fingers around now and my husband Gene has been so much help to me making breakfast and doing laundry and everything that I need help with so he's been very supportive and and very helpful in everything

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