Thursday, February 28, 2019

postal service and cleaning out sewingroom

Hello I havent posted in quite a while I dont have a computer only my husbands so sometimes is hard to grab it. Im working on getting my sewing room cleaned up. Its hard when you dont want to get rid of fabric or books or most patterns ... We are having a park garage sale sooooo i am trying to purge but hard......I sent a package to my son in Indiana .I found out its not worth trying to save money and send it ground ...OMG. It arrived 25 days later had gone to  jacksonville 4 times and back to ft myers some idiot put a retrurn  number back to here for some reason.It was ripped open on one whole side. surprising only a card was missing amazing that was all. I  talked to our mail lady and she said dont send it ground its not worth it.I guess not.I had really taped it well.also but didnt matter much as bad as it was ripped was amazing anything got there. Does any one have any ideas for getting rid of things and cleaning out your room?????    My husband just rides my butt about my room. He says Im 300 lbs. I cant walk thru your room stuff just falls off ur piles and falls on the floor... Yes indeed Im stuffing things in my bedroom closet. I bought shirts and have cut them up for fabric. I admit I went a little over board but its hard when you can buy them for 1.00  at thrift stores and are 100 percent cotton. some are expensive shirts...Oh well have stopped that now. I had my sewing room organized then we moved all our things from Indiana here.  Well that was a whole other sewing room We had gone to garage sales here as sew many ladies gone to assisted living and selling off all their things plus my mothers sewing room things here. But my husband helped me bring car loads of things home so there you go..... I have purged a lot I wished I had taken pictures of all the car loads of stuff I have taken to habitat  and  good will. so he could see how much I have gotten rid of but i didn't.Any one need any Longaberger baskets. I need to sell a few of those as I don't have the same color scheme as I did up north down here. I have the red green and blue woven traditions baskets.
I made my grandson PJS  it was monkey fabric .The monkeys were riding on bikes, cars, or other things. Was really cute fabric and fits him almost boys aged 7 to 8 yrs old..They are mostly like monkeys for sure. I am hoping he likes them I had hand made wooden buttons that are bikes n cars cute. I used snaps to secure them a weird sizes to make button holes for.... I'll post a picture when I see one with him wearing them.
 Im still working on Bonnie hunters Mystery Quilt as Christmas seems to come along and stop me every year. I guess I"ll have to start sewing in July for grand kids to make sure I"m done in time for the holidays. This year  I had an afib incident 3 days before Christmas was in the hospital over night. I also fell on my face and nearly knocked myself out. I had 2 skinned knees and a big shinner. At my age it takes a while to recoup from that . stuff. Plus we have open house Christmas eve also for 35 people....Amy way  didnt start early enough and got so far behind my sons says Mom Christmas is the same time every year yes I know.I dont start early enough with projects. I used to get it all done but was younger and I was single for 25 yrs. such is not the same now. so such is life  and Im getting older in spite of myself. Im thnking IM buying gifts  this year or gift cards . Good idea I guess.I dont sleep as well  either. FUN FUN FUN........ Well Im going to get working on my sewing room Please drop some helpful hints to me.. Please be gentle LOL AS I get enough big hints from the Big Hubby

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