Saturday, October 18, 2008

aprons & walnuts

It's a beautiful fall day . about 55-60 . Sunshine pretty leaves no rain, Nascar race in the background. I found another cute site. It's Susan Branch's site . She has fabric YES!!! ......patterns ,cookbooks, some vintage items, and free patterns one in particular is a vintage apron patterns so go to new things scroll down to quilts and it shows her patterns, go to free patterns and she has a apron scalloped edges. I have several vintage aprons. I love this stuff. I love the old that like Susan Branch said "my family took nothing and made something out of it". I totally agree . I guess that 's why my husband and we have a storage shed full of stuff. My father had a 2500 sq ft. farm house with my step mother Virginia , I was the only child from my fathers 1st marriage. My stepmother had no children. so I inherited everything. Ginny died in 1983. I dearly loved her. She was always fun , generous and someone who you could talk to without being judged. People never knew I was her step daughter . When she died I talked to people and I mentioned it no one ever knew. well I'm off track but reminiscing here I guess. I have lots of my grandmas things also ,aprons, tablecloths , an unfinished quilt from my great grandmother (I think)etc. I have a lot of furniture saved also .I want to someday have all white bedroom I have my furniture from hi school white french provincial. I have a twin bed solid cherry spindle furniture with 2 dressers and 2 twin bed spindle cherry frames. I love it .we are planning on building I hope the market gets better so we can build here at the lake. We want to put up a modular with the kitchen ,living room and mater bedroom facing the lake.Upstairs we ant to have my sewing room / glass room .My husband does stained glass for a hobby.we have no room here. so that's our dream . ........someday . I NEED TO MAKE A WISH BOARD AND PUT A PIC OF THE HOME ONE IT SO THE UNIVERSE CAN MANIFEST IT. oh well sorry I'm not changing the caps.

Here is s picture I saw and visualized a picture of my niece superimposed in the picture then print it out and printed on fabric for a quilt block for a small quilt for her. Its just to precious of a picture to waste.I got it out of a martha stewart magazine .It was a advertisement .So I saved it then lost it.I found it scanned it and saved it to the computer so now I need to send it to my baby sister so she can take a picture of my niece Krystyn sitting sideways then I will make something of it. so check out Susan Branch's site.

I was out picking up walnuts in our driveway with Coochie and I think Hickory nuts also. I'm going to dry them and see if I can get some nutmeats out of them. I thought I'd try my hand at dyeing some cloth with the walnut stain from the outside shells .I need to read up on it.Guess I'm bored need to do something new.

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Quilting Journey said...

Debbie, I love antiques of any and all kinds! Show photos, please!!! And a shed full of goodies! I am drooling. I just love attics and basements full of 'history'. You are so blessed! You've been given pieces of time from someone else's heart!