Monday, October 20, 2008

cute thread catcher & freebies

well it's another beautiful fall day .we have been lucky here. If the sun is shining I'm shining also. I hate the winter. I's isolating to me. Living at the lake people are around you can go out and sit on the swing go play in the flowers,watch the humming birds. I like to watch the fisherman go by and see if they are catching anything. The neighbor her lab dog runs off the end of the pier and jumps in the water after a ball. Just activity around here. So the best thing I do is go to my sewing room . I listen to programs on tv,movies, etc. I find some project to do and turn all my sewing lights on and it feels like summer in there. It's productive and accomplishes good feelings in myself.I have several to finish this winter. If we are lucky we might get to go away, if we sell some land or real estate. So I always try to find something new several times a week to feature for you to make and I download the pattern for future use. Here's a cute little thread catcher to make. Quick and fun thing to do .

I got a comment from Michelle on her site and they have free patterns so I will add her blog to my list. Here is her site .....

I just took a break and took Coochie out. we picked a few lingering tomatoes. I love to get my hands in the dirt. I use gloves but as aTaurus earth sign I love being in the dirt in my hands making something grow. Of course it has been rather hard the last few years with Fibro and now a degenerative disk in my lower back . I hope to be better next year either by surgery or by therapy . well check out Michelle's site and see what freebies she has she left me a nice comment

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