Wednesday, October 15, 2008

free patterns for babies & Purse pattern

Just a rainy day here today . We have had a beautiful fall so far .I can't believe it was 83 here Sunday. I sat outside on the swing and did some applique. when It's not to windy I love to sew on the deck. It's rather hard now even though it might be nice because the leaves are falling down so hard.Going to add the last border to my husbands quilt. Its all different colors of flying geese. I also need to freeze up some tomatoes. I really don't feel like doing that so I guess I'll sew for a while. Geesh its 1:30 and all I have done is play on the internet. Still in my jammies ,but who cares. Got teeth brushed and played with Coochie, ate breakfast. Love that Dog .Shes just the best pup.I can't believe we have had her for 6 mo now.

Here's a site you can go to for some neat patterns. They have cute patterns. another one of my favs is . I always like the shabby soft colors. The feminine touch.I just cant resist pretty fabric. I admit I bought a purse pattern called Darned cute purse. It uses Charm squares .It's really cute. Problem is if you don't find it when you see it it gets bought up and you can't find anymore usually in a 6-12 mo period. So my stash is growing slowly now as we can't spend any money on extras now. Once in a while I sneak a yard in here and there.It just talks to me can't help it .well....... you all know what I mean .

It had been a time since I have posted don't have a following yet so doesn't much matter but I have back problems and it just depends if I'm hurting I don't like to sit much for any length of time. I'm going for therapy now for a month.I can't believe I have felt really well the last 3 days . I don't know why but not sorry. I have exercises to do 2 times a day . Not hard just takes time. Hopefully maybe I can put off surgery but I'm not counting on it. It's just a matter of time till its going to have to be done and also maybe my hip.Oh well getting old isn't fun .The only thing I can say about this retirement thing is I can pretty much do what I want when I want as long as I feel good or it's not costing money. Oh well I have enough fabric and patterns to last the end of my life probably without buying anymore. well I have a great husband we will be married 5 yrs on Sunday the 19th.I have a sweet dog also .They take most of my quality time which I don't mind.

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