Thursday, October 9, 2008

fairies and birds

Its a beautiful sunny day , I have been sick and haven't posted. I'm grateful for all the wonderful blogs and websites that the internet has provided us. I am grateful for the sharing that so many have done to give us so many sites to feast our eyes on and enjoy anytime we want. Here is a website that has BOM for you I love the simple but pretty blocks that she is sharing here. I don't know how long this will be us so go visit. I printed it out. I love hand applique .The flowers and birds are big so not to small to make it hard blocks to do.

I know right now is a scarry time for the whole world but I want to be grateful for what I have. I have a wonderful husband ,family and home,friends,and pets. I have the ability to sew .I can sew almost everyday from my stash if Iwant to .Thank you God for all of this today .

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