Monday, December 1, 2008

Featherweights-the litte portable sewing machine

Now today we took our Baby Coochie to get her fixed since she is all of 11.5 lbs we were quite concerned . She is such a little doll. Here's her Christmas picture. well anyway her with her santa hat on Dad has one like it also !!!! Well we got a call she is doing ok at the vets and we pick her up tomorrow. It's amazing how much she is part of our family . We really love the' Miss personality '.She will be a year old Christmas day !!!!
I was sewing away on my little featherweight ....well I took it apart and hmm I couldn't get it to work again. I read the manual called my gfriend in Florida and to my dismay I couldn't get it going. I asked my husband to help he couldn't do any better. I knew there is a certain way you have to put it back together , The throat plate or it won't work .So he called his friend who works on sewing machine he walked us thru it and we got it going. We took the Gib screw off and found a thread behind the bobbin plate. Geesh in the mess of things , the little tiny screw fell on the floor. Well we found it and My dear husband put it back together. It works like the little jewel that it is. Its a great machine .I have 2 computer embroidery machines. I like this little machine.Its fun .There is just something about my Featherweight just fun to use.You know if you have one what I mean. I have bought a few little goodies for my machine. I love gadgets .Unfortunately the old ones are more expensive usually. They are so neat though .They had more for these machine than they do now I believe. I love doing lingerie . I bought a picot / Hemstitcher I like the picot thing. I like old fashioned ways of doing some things. I guess I'm the baby boomer half way between all the old things that were great from my childhood and the new Hi Tech things today. I like both, they both have their place I believe if you are willing to look back also . So I'm going back to doing some sewing on my quilt. I started this quilt along time ago. It wasn't an easy project to do for a beginning quilt project. It was before you sewed 2 pieces together and then cut . well one 18 in block has 72 pieces. Oh my I will be glad when this is done It will be pretty but will be a work of art to me .

Here's a picture of my husband's quilt. I made him for his 60th Bday. I finally got it pieced and ready to baste. He likes it . It was fun but a challenge . I have never designed a quilt before . I am happy with the results. It isn't elaborate but fun .He likes palm tress and flamingos so it works. Now I need to plan how I'm going to quilt it. I plan to do some machine quilting and some hand quilting. I need to give credit to go to birds and she has the center flamingo pattern. Sindy Rodenmayer for her generosity . She has some really cool free patterns and real well priced patterns.

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Cute little dog!

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