Monday, December 29, 2008

Florida and the baby comforter

Hi ,I'm glad to report we are in sunny Florida . I love the warmth but not the humidity. we arrived here at N. Ft Myers on Saturday before Christmas .It took a while to get the internet set up for use here.My puppy Coochie was a year old on Christmas day. she is being so good . Shes a ShihTzu .My moms dog is 9 yrs old and doesn't like any dog.He is tolerating Coochie. She is just wanting to play with Taco and he just bares his teeth.Hes getting better .at least by the time we leave he might be social.

I finished my nieces little comforter for her bday she will be 3 in January. My sister won't let her use her quilt I made her for last Christmas. I decided to make her something small to be able to drag around and watch tv with or take a nap . It's a panel of american Jane I believe and I made it into nine patches with sashing between the blocks.I used aunt gracie fabrics to finish the back and the sashing . At least I call them that all the 30's fabric. I have to put a label on it and it will be done. Krystn will be 3 and she is just a darling little girl .They adopted her from Poland .Her husbands heritage is Polish so they went to Poland to get her. She is such a cutie and sweetheart . I hope to see her some time again this year. She's so loving to everyone. I'm so glad they have her .What a blessing!!!! I'll post a picture for you to see her and the quilt. Now I have to get my husbands quilt basted and decide how I'm going to quilt it.I'd like to do both hand and machine quilting.

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