Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hi I have a featherweight and also read alot on the featherweight group. Here is anew link to a neat blog go to their site and enter for some giveaways. this is their new address so check them out.

It is beautiful here in Florida.We couldn't have been any more lucky than this year to get to come down here for the whole winter. We are helping my Mom and staying with her.I seemed to have caught a cold and have coughed really hard with this bug. I probably got it in one of the many doctors offices I have taken my mom to. I guess I will go and get some sun for a little while .

I made a little midget block from sentinmental stitches site. No 87 .Its a cute little flower block .I just love your site gaye.!!!!!!!I also got my Herdles block appliqued from Ryan McKennas collection. Its actually Turtles. and they are very realistic looking. The blocks are all about sea animals I plan on doing several. Ok I cheated I just fused them with steam a seam lite. Lots of little pieces Whew!!!!!!!!!!!I need to quilt it and I am putting it on a canvas they look really cute that way . Im not a follower of her but I do like her work .
Tomorrow if I feel better I plan on going to visit my dear old friend in Englewood Fla. We have been friends for around 23 yrs. we actually met in an exercise class. I started doing her hair and we did alot of quilt shows classes and I joined 2 quilt guilds because of her .Nancy Smith is her name .I hope to have her help me with getting my quilt for my husband basted so I can get it quilted.Going to get some rays lol taking the pooch with me

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Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Thanks for the post. I don't think the link is working yet on your featherweight links.