Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Friends & Quilts & New techniques

Hi , I got to go visit an old friend from up north actually she is down here in the south now as am I. Nancy lives in Englewood, Florida. I drove the truck up to see her yesterday. She took me to her haircutting appointment.Was rather funny since I used to cut her hair for maybe 20 yrs now. She moved south 2 yrs ago. I miss her alot especially when it comes to having a quilting friend I can hangout with. She has showed me a lot of techniques and tips. Through her introducing me to the Mapleleaf Guild I belong to in Goshen, In.I have learned alot through the many talented members I have got to know. We went to a quilting shop near her. Of course since it was cold here the shop was full of many snowbirds shopping for goodies. I held back could have gone nuts .They had a wonderful choice of Batiks to chose from.I bought 3 fat quarters. I needed hair color more and was lucky to find a supply house that had Redken color the kind I use .I could have had to send for it from up North.

I enjoyed trading patterns and sharing what each other is doing.My mom sews but doesnt do quilting.My Great aunt made quilts but that was before I was interested in them. Nancy has 2 Shih Tzus 3 yrs old. They are alot of fun. I had to leave my little furbaby at home here.There wasn't any point in taking her because we were out and about half the time.Nancy thought I was doing a nice job on my applique projects. I have gotten better ,after all practice makes perfect. also she hasnt seen me in over 2yrs. between both of us retiring and not being able to sell our houses in Elkhart we both haven't traveled far. I have tried freezer paper,back basting, needleturn,fusing etc. I tried freezer paper on top here lately and like the look I got so I am going to do a little more that way. It seems to keep the piece a little puffier this way.

I have a few sites that have some CUTE tutorials for small sewing items. I made Nancy one of them. it is a needle & thread holder. also a thread catcher I have not made yet but want to

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