Sunday, January 18, 2009

warm n sunny

Well I am so glad we got to come south to stay with my Mother in Ft .Myers Fl. I believe I feel better not being in the cold weather. we have had only a couple cool days .It has been the best since we had been coming at Christmas for 4 yrs then we weren't here for the last 2 yrs. It has been in the 70's to 80's all the time. We have been busy with my mom getting lots of health app'ts and some physical therapy. She's more steady on her feet now. we are also getting her hearing aids. We went to a place called Zounds.I can't believe the technology int them now. there is a remote control can set for theatre, dining,music . you can get rid of background sounds. no squealing sounds . so anyway they have come a long way baby!!!!!!!

How lucky I am to be here and have an old friend an hour away. We saw each other on the way down. We both have Shih Tzus . We also have the love of quilting in. While I'm here I hope to be able to visit quite a few times. She came up here with an old friend of hers last Saturday and we went to a couple of quilt shops here in Ft. Myers. So nice to have my friend to go shopping together once again like old times , and I made a new friend also .

I am working on a few midget blocks from Http:// They are so cute. I am doing them in 30's fabrics as they are from the 30's patterns. THEY ARE FREE....... So....... check them out on Gay's site.

I checked out McKenna Ryans blocks at one of the shops we went to here. The sea patterns. Since we are at the lake I think they would be neat to do . They are under sea animals, like turtles, porpoise. etc.You can make them seperate and mount them on canvas as pictures or make a quilt .It's really a neat idea!!!. I started with the sea turtles.I got the pattern traced it off. I need to go buy some fusible product.I have quite a bit of fabric that I can use with me. I need maybe a half a yd. of some other fabrics. I guess collecting fabrics for a stash pays off when you want to make something and can just go to your stash and pull fabric for a quilt. I brought quite a bit of fabric with me to do projects on. The only thing I need is the small beads for embellishment.

I have been working on one of my old quilt projects for the 80's .It's hard it has 4 nine patch blocks in the 18 in block. There are 72 pieces in one 18 in block !!!!!!!!!!!. I loved the quilt, it's old fashioned. It's done in pink & green. It has prairie points around the edges. I am close to getting the blocks done . I want to make it wider than the pattern. I was smart enough to buy extra material so I can make it bigger.I will post some pics of may latest endeavors here. I will get them loaded and posted so you can see the cute Midget blocks and my old project also.

Not to rub it in but I AM GOING TO GO LAY IN THE SUN AND CATCH SOME RAYS . I have been here a month and with the holidays and Mom have been to the pool once so far.

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