Sunday, March 8, 2009

winding down , thinking of home

Hi I haven't been on here lately just been helping my Mother. She fell a couple of weeks ago and we have had to get in house therapy to help strengthen we don't want to be in the cold another winter up North after this warm one here in Ft Myers.
My husband and I have been looking at places to buy for the winter/full time here.We like the area .We have made friends here. Its nice in the "Bayshore village" where my Mom resides. all the places are mobile homes. down here its really common. most are so older people can afford to live alone longer.They do the lawns if you want etc. so anyway that's what I have been doing.
Yesterday I went to a park activity here. We took our puppy and they had a parade .if you have a pet you could dress them up and dress your self optional to match.I worked hard made a purse for me and a hat to match pink with white polka dots . I had fabric left so I made "Coochie" a hat and a skirt to match my hat. "Coochie" has several dogs who are friends here.They come and play with her here.what a deal .She knows when they are around and makes a beeline to the windows. I'm afraid she will be lost when she gets home. we didn't win anything but was fun. I have been trying to get my emails caught up but well its hard. I love to view others blogs and see what other people have made.

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