Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi , Still in sunny Florida. We bought a place here last week .Not in our plans but we couldnt pass it up. My mom lives in a 55+ community. they have 300 or so places here.Its a gated community,pool,clubhouse etc. We have made many new friends between fellow ShihTzu owners and fellow horseshoe throwers. We have just been looking around here in this area at places we might like to buy when we get our subdivision sold out. Well.......... we came across a home (mobile homes) in great condition on the market for 2yrs. They want to move to N.C. with their daughter. Nice lanai on front of house with ceramic tile.air. nice big kitchen 2 big bedrooms, 2 baths and they are leaving most of furniture for 16,000. you have lot rent but that includes trash,cable,lawn,. So we made a deal and are in the process of buying. We figured the rent per month for the winter is 2,000. if you rent a home here. If we buy we can decorate how we want and have a place for 500.00 a month. Our neighbors we will help keep an eye on things plus you can have a friend we made check on things here .We had planned to buy an rv and new truck .Well down here the lot rents are high for RV's .This is because the further south you go the more rent they charge.So my husband will be getting social security next yr so if we play it right we should be ok. My "Coochie" has made many friends she was in a pet parade and has visits to others houses.Never thought I would have my dog going on "dates".We made so many friends that we just didn't want to leave here. That's one reason why I haven't posted lately ,along with being busy with Mom etc.

Here is anew site I found on my newsletter page its a blog but nice tutorials etc.
Well have to go and do some errands for my mom so I will post later

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