Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am in Florida.Its not been the warmest since Jan 1st but its better than the alternative which is Indiana. It is suppose to be in the 75ish one the weekend.

I went to a local quilt store called "SusieQ's and took a class
called "Shoreline". Here are some of the pictures from my wall hanging. It was alot of fun to make. The women on the bar stools in front of the tiki hut are fruit ladies lol. They all have bottoms shaped to make it look like fruit, Apples Bananas,& Pineapple .I do not know if it you can see it clear enough but its cute. .You add toole on top to give it really cannot see it unless you feel it. mine is pink and has a glitter added. after I quilt it I will add some cute embellishments . I bought a few like some flamingos small enough to be the size they should be for scale. I have a small fish pole and need to put up some signs on top of the buildings also. I haven't had so much fun making something in a long time. She teaches the class once a year when all the snowbirds come down .If you are in the area of North Ft Myers Fl stop by her shop off of Hwy 41 and Bayshore Rd.

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