Wednesday, May 12, 2010

baby quilt & reupholstery

I am still in sunny N. Ft. Myers,Florida. It is hot here now. Will be record setting temps today maybe 93. So you go out in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

I have not posted anything as I have been busy and emotionally drained with my Mother. She lives here in the park in Florida. She has been declining mentally since we got here considerably in October.She suffered a stroke a month ago and is doing remarkably better but still cannot function real well.If you have been involved in a family member with issues you understand.I have had to turn some things over to care givers as I cannot physically do it anymore. I have filed for my own disability a year ago and am in the appeal process now.

I have been working on projects some quilting some reupholstering 2 swivel rocker chairs. The are good solid chairs from my Father's home and in bad need of redo . They are early american which can be painted white and recover the seats. There is a place here called cost cutters just down the road from me. I bought some beautiful Waverly fabric.It is a cream background with a green palm leaf design.It goes with our couch which has tone on tone color fabric which has a green hue to it also.I have covered the existing back pillow in a Dacron batting and the seat I bought some cushions I am going to just cover right over he old cushion. I do not think I have enough for the skirt around the bottom so I might have to do it in a green tone or off white like the background color.

I bought some fabric last fall and thought I had the pattern for it but somehow in the move to here I lost it. i did a search and finally last night found it. The gal I bought it from I thought was on ebay but when I checked my account you can only go back so far to see what you bought. I found the fabric and pattern on her Esty account .QuiltTaffy. she accommodated me and made up a kit for me . Its so pretty. Its a small cover for a baby. I just loved the fabric from Moda,designer April Cornell,Poetry. Here's the link so check it out.">

I am getting ready to quilt my shoreline wall hanging project.I found some cute items to hang on the quilt to embellish it when its quilted. I have a fishing pole which the gal gave us who taught us the class.I have some cute fishies, and some beads for the Tiki thing that is neat is once it is done you can add little trinkets at anytime when you run across them. I have a flamingo button. I also want to put up a few signs here and there.

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