Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 program

Hi all,
 I watched the 9/11 tributes on tv sunday. I watched on the sci-fi channel about how they picked the different way they laid out the museum, the new subway plaza ,the new tower, the water fall names. I was so impressed and learned so much .It was very moving for sure. It was on most of the day and evening.when they listed the  names they sent out a letter asking the family members if they wanted their loved ones name next to any one special. some chose to have it next to a friend they rode to work with , one was a couple who were engaged to be married and both perished. For the museum the saved the big firetruck that was close to the tower and lost 11 members from that particular fire house. The used two of the triangles that were the braces for towers 1 & 2 from the fire that was left at the bottom. There was 400 trees planted. One tree in particular was saved from all the carnage. It was very important for one man to see that tree saved and make it flourish in the plaza where the 2 water falls are. It was in a bad storm in the spring last year and was blown over .They propped it back up and it grew. It was moved from the Bronx to its new resting place. 

When they were cutting out the names for the bronze name plates they had several members come to where the cutting was done. One was a daughter of a director for the whole projects. The shop where the plates were made had a woman   put a patina on each name. The plates are heated so that when anyone touches the names around the waterfalls  they will not be cold to the touch. It was just amazing to me how everything worked together. They had so many different constructions going on I could not believe how they all worked out to get so much finished for the 10 yr anniversary. If you get a chance to see it again if you like history you will like this for sure. It went from beginning one hour segments at a time to the end. God bless to all who lost someone and to our nation for healing in our own ways.......... PEACE

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