Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You can make this pinwheels /a few adjustments to my Quiet book
 Here is a Tutorial for Pinwheels so I think they are cute but making them was another thing so this looks pretty easy.I think it adds interest to a quilt also .For kids it makes a cute accent on their quilt especially in different color ranges.
 Here a afew new pictures of the quiet book I finished and did some revisions on.If you have followed this of course that might be hard because it has been a long work in progress for sure.Like I have said I have a hard time with this project I'm not very creative. I have to have some direction or pattern to go by and I was lost .I found some other quiet books and made a few pages after some other ones I saw online.Even then I turned pages upside down and backwards I just wasn't having good times doing this when I had those moments.I don't think anything I have made for a long time frustrated me more But slowly but surely I got it done. so I posted the last post the pictures but I changed a few things around as I didn't like how it looked or closed.I made a flap for the crayons so they wouldn't spoil the other page when it was closed.I also made a wrap around closure that velcroed in the back . I also put in a signature label like a quilt. so here are the

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