Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jumping cursor & Easy Street Mystery Quilt

Hi all I have had this most annoying problem for the last several weeks. I could not find the answer how to fix the problem.I went to C I thought I had a virus running under the radar and just had no idea how to fix the problem.So I took the advice of one of the posts and went to mouse on the control panel settings.I unchecked the enhance pointer options and the hit apply. It worked right away. Geesh couldn't post anything the d... cursor jumped and  made a mess of all my emails in case you all have the same problem that is how to fix it.  This one worked for me anyway.

close up of quilting
 I got my quilt back from the Long Arm Quilter here in N. Ft, Myers. Nicely done . This was my Bonnie Hunters  mystery Quilt from last years Mystery Quilt called "Easy Street". I made the King Size version.....It turned out great!!!! I have to trim it and do the binding. Ellie  from Quilter's Nook in Cape Coral had a special for the month of February.  She is a member of the Guild  in Cape Coral ....I am going to join ...... so I jumped on the special . It was a stippling pattern all sizes were the same price so was a great deal. I probably could have spent more money and had a different pattern  but I wanted it done.  I like meandering stippling or puzzle effect. Since it was scrappy I wasn't to concerned with doing something Fancy.....
so here is a picture of it before the binding but with the borders. I am doing the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt  by Bonnie Hunter.I am using shirts I have gathered for fabric in this quilt. I bought shirts at a  local thrift store.I bought 15 shirts for 1.00 a piece before Christmas at a sale. Some of the shirts were Tommy, Izod, and Columbia, Old Navy and Wrangler. Some of these shirts go for 60.00 new.also Some of these were batiks and almost all were 100% cotton. I thought that was a wonderful way to get fabric since its going for 10.00 - 11.50 a yard now for high end fabric. I got a nice big Cheddar 3 X shirt out of this bunch also.

Easy Street Quilt quilted not bound

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