Sunday, May 10, 2015

been a while

Hi all  I don't know why its been so long just no set reason just haven't had anything much to post.Well I have lots that have happened in the past month so here we go
  I got to go home to Indiana and see family friends and go to the retreat in Shipshewanna   .I just had 2 great weeks probably my best vacation ever.My grandson was 2 1/2 when I last saw him and he is 5 now so was great . Here is a picture of him n I together
Ayden and  Grandma Debbie
  I wasn't sure how'd he would receive me but it went great. we went to the park and I'm so glad my Son Jason is being a hands on Father and he isn't a wimp when it comes to discipline either.

 Happy Mothers day to all and have a great day with your children no matter how old!!!!!

My beautiful 201 for Mothers day she is a jem!!!

the Rockteer 500 series new for mothers day!!!
 I enjoyed going to my quilt retreat and I sewed with a 99 singer my friend brought for me to use .I so enjoyed seeing all the gals from the Quilt guild in Goshen Mapleleaf Quilters

picture of my 2 granddaughters  with their doll quilts
my dear friend Carol Williams n I at her home in Elkhart In.

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